Party Time!

Party Rockers in the hoooooooouse tonight!

H. Pylori baby!

Kind of reminds me of confetti. Intestinal Confetti…

All right, who brought the cone hats???

Everyday I’m Shufflin’

Shufflin’ Shufflin’



So here’s my situation:


Here’s the Treatment:

The infamous lupus breakfast – Now fortified with antibiotics and PPI’s!
Also, recent taste test studies have shows…  CVS liquid antacid >> Maaaalox.  FYI  🙂

The possible outcomes:

The reality:



Oh and… “A 2008 study published in Korean Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology found kimchi (fermented cabbage) contains a bacterial strain “showing strong antagonistic activity against H. pylori.” The bacterium strain isolated from kimchi, designated Lb. plantarum NO1, was found to reduce the urease activity of H. pylori by 40-60%.”

I think I just failed at being Korean…

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