Isabella’s First Birthday (part 2)

How to throw a First Birthday – Korean style.

You will need:

a cute kid


(It’s a shame no one took a pic of the rice cooker conga line)



vat of kimchi

(No Korean party is complete without this!)

and more food

a cake

or two…

party favors

some pretty hanboks

then just add your friends, your family and voila!  or shall I say 짜잔!

Phew!  Easy, right?
Now that the party is all set up it’s time to put the baby to work!

The Doljabi is a “game” *coughritualcough* where the innocent and unsuspecting little one is forced to choose his/her life destiny before a large audience of friends and family.  If the average American teen thinks it’s a lot of pressure to decide at 18… try being a Korean-American 1 year-old!

I kid, I kid.  It really is a game and it’s all in good fun.  Here are the objects her parents selected for her…

Yarn – Long Life
Pencil – Scholarly Ambition
Rice – Abundant and Fruitful Life
Artists Brush and Palette: Artistic Aptitude
Doctor’s Bag – Skill in Medicine
Bag of Coins – Great Wealth
Computer Mouse – Talent in Technology
Guitar – Great Mustical Ability
Bandaged Cat – Gifted Veterinarian
Judges Gavel – Cunning Lawyer

The stakes are high, every good Korean baby knows she is expected to be a doctor, dentist or a lawyer.

Will she honor her parents or follow her dreams?

That’s right go for the money.  It looks just like ravioli and auntie was tipped off on how much you love ravioli!  Grandma also sweetened the deal with 100 big ones…

The bribes are also high, little does she know that her friends and family have actually laid down bets on her choices.

After much indecision and several incidents of being startled by the public’s applause…

Her first selection:

Scholar! and lunch, mmm…

Yes, yes, that’s a good baby, now go for the money!

Tension filled the room again.  Izzy began to reach for an object, but right as the crowd was about to applaud she pulled back.  Again, and again, and again.  She had us right where she wanted us.

Then she choose…


Artist? wait… Huh?  It’s ok Izzy, no one’s disappointed…  Besides there are plenty of witnesses and undeniable photographic proof of your first choice.

haha, just kiddng, geez what is with me tonight?  But really, she’s a smart kid; pleases her parents and follows her dreams 😉

It will be fun to see where life takes her as she grows up.


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