The Art of Cell Phone Photography

Oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin.

It was decided for many reasons that I should have an updated picture of myself.  Since I was hanging out with my little sister today I thought she could just snap one for me.  Of course the perfect time came up in a parking lot after a 4 hour excursion that included: red lobster, barely being able to walk, fighting crowds of ignorance to purchase her school laptop (Yes, that’s right little salesboy, I said I DON’T want any anti-virus software.) and a frazzled misadventure through the mall.  You can see where this is going, right?

Here are some previews of the lil’ budding artist’s work…

This was the first photo… and for some reason, I didn’t think this was good enough?

And the horror begins…

What is the first rule of photography?  Always be prepared.

Wait, doesn’t that rule apply to the photographer and not the photographee exceedingly gorgeous model?

Remind me why I am choosing to humiliate myself?

This one might have been all right if I wasn’t squinting at the sun…

I really hope this isn’t actually a picture of me…

At this point I conceded and thought, “maybe it’s not the camera?  Maybe it’s just me?”

HA, Whatever.  So I made her take one more.

This one is ok.  However, now I’ve decided that I can’t use a picture of me sitting in my car as my profile pic.  Sorry Naomi, but you better pencil me in for another shoot!   😀


Party Time!

Party Rockers in the hoooooooouse tonight!

H. Pylori baby!

Kind of reminds me of confetti. Intestinal Confetti…

All right, who brought the cone hats???

Everyday I’m Shufflin’

Shufflin’ Shufflin’



So here’s my situation:


Here’s the Treatment:

The infamous lupus breakfast – Now fortified with antibiotics and PPI’s!
Also, recent taste test studies have shows…  CVS liquid antacid >> Maaaalox.  FYI  🙂

The possible outcomes:

The reality:



Oh and… “A 2008 study published in Korean Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology found kimchi (fermented cabbage) contains a bacterial strain “showing strong antagonistic activity against H. pylori.” The bacterium strain isolated from kimchi, designated Lb. plantarum NO1, was found to reduce the urease activity of H. pylori by 40-60%.”

I think I just failed at being Korean…