2011 Mill City Suds Run

Up until 8:30 this morning, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to be participating in this year’s event.  Come oonnnnnnnn, I was up late with my parents last night!

Luckily the dynamic duo – JuLeo gave me a 30 minute warning and a hefty dose of peer pressure.

Before I knew it, Officer Moments was dressed and ready for action.

All right folks, nothing to see here!  That’s right, move along.

The rest of the Party Posse

The run was incredibly fun just as I expected.  A 5k seems so much shorter when you are returning fire to some ostrich riding cowboys – who think they are better just because their guns are bigger, having a conversation with a man about coconut chaffing… and cheering on good ol’ Charlie Brown.  I think some of the best costumes I saw were a group of life-size tetris pieces, some gored Spaniards and their inflata-bull and a bunch of obnoxious fairies beating the crap out of people with their butterfly wands.   It was the best 3.1 miles I’ve run in a loooong time!

I am not exactly sure how I did since it was just a fun run/unofficial race.  But my best guestimate is somewhere in the ball park of 29 minutes.  Which is AWESOME, because I have only run a handful of times all Summer.  Take that, H. Pylori!

Afterward, the Party Posse and I headed out to a legit lunch at Tuggs, since the picnic ended up being a bust.  It was a nice way to end the afternoon…

Here is Buggsy showing The Dude some brotherly love.

“Hey man, let me clip those bangs out of your face for you.”

And lastly, proof that Julia was actually there.  She didn’t run since she was feeling a little under the weather.

Happy Saturday!



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