The Fire Goddess

Or…  My friend, Emily.

Impressive, right?

How to Make A Huge #$$ Fire

  • 1 friend named Emily, preferably with backyard and fire bowl
  • 1 severely dried out Christmas tree
  • 1 match

     The rest is history.

Last night’s bonfire came with some interesting lessons.

Apparently it is true that Christmas trees are a major fire hazard.  The air gaps between the needles and the sap in the tree make for a near perfect fuel combination.  According to the National Fire Association, Christmas trees account for 250 fires annually and more than $13.8 million in property damage.  Yikes!

I also learned that Fire Season in Minnesota is very different from Fire Season in California…

Minnesota – Bonfires, s’mores, creative dinners and improv jam sessions.

California – Forest fires, house fires, and ash raining from the sky.

I think if I ever awoke to find my car covered in ash, I would instantly assume that we are living in the End Times, ahhh!


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