And sew it begins… 😀

*sigh* do I really have to go to work tomorrow?


p.s.  Pics from Arizona, Isabella’s Dol and a few legit post are coming!  I just need to figure out how to add a few extra hours to everyday…  Just kidding, soon soon, I promise!


Oh, Brother!

and Ohhhh Singer!

What an amazing day, I was just gifted two sewing machines!  One is a 50 year-old Singer Slant-O Matic and the other is a practically brand-new Brother.

*sigh* beautiful, aren’t they?

I am so excited!  The two machines together have all the bells and whistles a girl could ever wish for.  Can I say, free arm, ruffle foot, double needles, blind hems, and 59 other stitches!  I don’t even know what cording is, but I already know I love it!  Oh, am I ever swooning.

A big big thank you to three very wonderful women.  Lu, Sandy and Carol, I really can’t thank you enough!!

Let the crafting begin 🙂